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Ever since Flugsafn Íslands (The Icelandic Aviation Museum) opened its doors to the public on 24th June 2000 the museum has put up special displays within the museum. These displays are varied in subject matter, size and content, but all have one thing in common; they depict some aspect of Icelandic aviation history.

Below please find links to some of the various displays. Unfortunately the website is still under construction so not all the special displays are covered here. But that will be corrected in the coming weeks and months. Please bear with us, we will be posting more material here shortly.

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- this display illustrates the re-discovery of a Fairey Battle from No. 98 Squadron lost in Iceland in 1941 with 4 RAF personnel.

- since 2004 the Museum has annually honored a pioneer in Icelandic aviation with a special display in the museum.